Museum of "WKMU" NCJSC

Anatomical Museum of the Department of Normal Anatomy of WKSMU
"A museum is a place from which a scientific thought comes; it should inspire students to work...
At the same time, the museum should be aesthetically designed, that everyone would like to come here."
Professor A.P. Sorokin

The Anatomical Museum of the Department of Normal Anatomy has been functioning since 1960. During this time the museum became known not only within the university and in Kazakhstan, but also in the countries of the near and far abroad. Our museum is regularly visited by official delegations, schoolchildren, students.
The history of the museum began at one of the department meetings in 1957, when it was decided to create it. A work plan was drawn up, each member of the department took an active part in the formation of the museum:Associate Professor V.V. Morozova, assistants - M.Sh. Bashirov, T.K. Zhdan, A.M. Gizatullina, G.F. Lashin, M.P. Obraztsova, I.S. Zimnik. It is impossible to create a museum, guided only by the work plan but enthusiasm, inexhaustible energy and creative approach of the organizers are important too. The most important thing is the presence of an ideological mastermind, a man capable of capturing the collective with his ideas. This was the first head of the Department of Normal Anatomy - Professor Alexei Pavlovich Sorokin. The whole department discussed any proposal for the design of the museum, and then, the best ideas were put into practice.
The museum was originally intended to create from two rooms - the Museum of the Musculoskeletal system and the Museum of Internal organs (the fundamental one). This division has been preserved to this day. For the museum, two of the most spacious and bright halls were singled out, although the department was cramped in the premises. When creating museum furniture (tables and cabinets), when planning the museum, the experience of the leading medical universities of the former USSR (Moscow and Leningrad medical institutes) was used. In the beginning of 1958, museum furniture was ordered at the Aircraft Repair Plant in Aktobe.
Already at the end of 1958, bone preparations were selected and mounted on special tables, which are viewed from all sides. The basic formations of each bone are marked and annotated in Latin.
Expositions were in accordance with the curriculum of the subject of anatomy, i.e. systemically; In the halls of the museum there is a history of anatomy in portraits, the main place is occupied by paintings depicting the artists of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci and Andrei Vesalius (by artist Anuar Utegenov). Anatomical preparations made by various methods are exposed: dissection, injection, corrosion, drying, coloring with further manufacturing of sections, etc. There are expositions on comparative and age anatomy.
Employees of the department from the first days began an active work on the dissection. The period of active replenishment with museum preparations dates back to 1960-1980. The museum presents the preparations made by well-known scientists from Russian universities (Professors G.V.Stelnikov, A.G. Kochetkov, V.V. Klebanov, V.I. Savelev, V.A. Anoshkin, M.P. Obraztsova), from Germany (R..E Ran and R.R. Ran), from Israel (I.N. Kogan); from our university (Professors T. Zh.Umbetov, T.A. Adaibaev, A.M. Gizatullina).
Students G. Akhunova, V. Kokoreva, P. Riskin in 1959/60 academic year, made the very first museum preparations.
In Musculoskeletal Museum, the bone system represented by bone preparations, bone joints represented by natural moist joint preparations, and the muscular system represented by the prepared fragments of various muscle groups and muscle mummy are demonstrated. Muscular mummy, a unique dry preparation made by long drying, is the pride of the museum. A special drying chamber was designed and assembled to dry the mummy by the engineers of Aktobe X-ray Plant. The mummy was made by a group of students under the supervision of the assistant Anatoly Grigoryevich Kochetkov in 1964-1967.
In Fundamental Museum, internal organs are exhibited. In the exhibition cabinets 360 natural moist preparations are exposed. Each exhibit has its own history of creation, because the manufacture of a natural preparation is a hard work requiring deep knowledge of anatomy, diligence and perseverance.
Since 2002, the restoration team of students work at the university; their goal is to preserve the available museum preparations. The first circle masters-restorers in 2002-2003 were students of the medical faculty M. Doskali, R. Dosmagambetova, E. Grishukova, M. Aliyev. Students M. Mamysheva, M. Kuzovkova, I. Khakimov, J. Kim, D. Gaeva, A. Taranov very actively worked in 2005-2007. All of them successfully graduated from our university, received diplomas and work as doctors.
After the repair of the Fundamental Museum (2010-2011), the production of museum preparations was resumed. Among the active students who make preparations are N. Yeshiniyazov, G. Kenzhaliev, I. Bisenov, M. Aliev, T. Galata, I. Spivak. Their museum preparations were added to the collection of the museum.
Now, in the restoration section of the SSC "Anatomist" there are 15 students of the I-V courses. Thus, a large army of teachers and students took part in the creation and active life of our museum.
The museum is widely known among schoolchildren and students of the city.
For the period 2010-2012, the museum was replenished with interesting new works. Among which it is necessary to note preparations prepared by the method with the use of an informal form of fixation - this is a preparation of the brain and coronary artery of the heart, as well as the preparation "Auditory bones", extracted from the pyramid of the temporal bone. There are an exposition of skulls demonstrating sexual characteristics and variants of the structure of the bones of the skull.
The history of the formation of Anatomical museum of the Department of Normal Anatomy is an example of enthusiasm in scientific activity and in studies created by teachers and students. Despite the "modernization" of the museum, it remained the spirit of the times of Andrei Vesalius and Leonardo da Vinci. Students and employees remember and follow the words of the ancients: "Hi locus est, ubi mors gaudet succurae vitae".
Our anatomical museum has its value: culture, a source of knowledge, a demonstration of innovations in the scientific and educational processes. This is all that makes the pride of our department and the whole university.


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